24 Hours in Disneyland – Part 2

We’re back with Part 2 of our 24 Hours in Disneyland trip recap. Be sure to check out Part 1, in case you missed it.

Our last post left off at the back side of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Where better to start than where we went next? That’s right. The front side!

60th Anniversary diamond decorations on the Disneyland castle

I’ll admit that the majority of our time in Disneyland was spent at the castle, going from one side to the other. It was pulling us in like a bug zapper… with less zapping.

The gloomy skies sent us wandering around the park in hopes of finding a patch of blue sky or a short line. We headed back into Fantasyland and made our way to the Tea Cups where we found a hint of blue.

Guests board the tea cups on a cloudy day at Disneyland

From there we set out into Tomorrowland. I was interested in watching the Tomorrowland movie sneak peak but found that the theater had been taken over by a Marvel Movie Marathon, which was actually a great call by Disney to offer.

Early morning glow on Space Mountain in Tomorrowland

Before too long, it was time for us to transfer rooms. Because the Grand Californian was booked solid through the weekend, some shifting had to be done. So we headed back down Main Street, following one of the vehicles.

A vehicle drives down Main Street at Disneyland

The room transfer ended up working in our favor, and despite concerns about making it back into Disneyland, we were able to make it back in after a short wait. This time we used the other tunnel and took the opportunity to capture the caboose above the famous plaque and 60th anniversary bunting.

A caboose sits over the tunnel entrance to Disneyland

The park had become very crowded at this point. Main Street was packed with people waiting to see the Paint the Night Parade. So we headed into New Orleans Square to use some Haunted Mansion fastpasses. It was our second trip seeing the newly returned resident, the Hatbox Ghost. We’re saving him for an upcoming post!

After we took our turn through creepy old crypts we headed over to Big Thunder Mountain.

Mark Twain in dock at Disneyland

A Big Thunder Railroad train approaches a curved drop at Disneyland

The lines for just about everything were more than we were willing to endure, so we decided to continue meandering. And where do you suppose our feet took us? That’s right. Back to the castle!

Only now, it was starting to get dark, the lights were up, and there was a curiously large “60” banner above the gate.

Stormy twilight over Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland

And this is where we will leave you once more. We’ll return with Part 3 first thing next week!

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  1. What cracks me up about Disneyland can be found in your second pic from the top on this post….

    A big ol tattooed muscle-bound hulk of a dude wearing a Mickey shirt and sitting in a dainty, powder-blue teacup- WITH A BIG GOOFY SMILE ON HIS FACE MIND YOU. Why you ask? The answer is sitting right next to him 🙂

    I love Disneyland.


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