A Night at The Hollywood Tower Hotel

The Hollywood Tower Hotel. What can be said? I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love the story, the decor and the overall moodiness of the ride, but I don’t love being hoisted up only to be yanked back down several times over. I guess that means I must be getting old or something. I used to love this ride and the thrill it provided. It was one of the first attractions my sister and I would run to, fully anticipating to ride several times in a row. Now, I find that I am more than satisfied with one ride in the creaky old elevator. It’s kind of sad actually. I used to fancy myself a bit of a ride warrior. When I was fifteen, nothing could faze me. I’d go on anything, anytime, anywhere. The last time I did that, I ended the night feeling like I had been at sea for months struggling to find solid ground. At least I took advantage while it lasted.

A Night at The Hollywood Tower Hotel in Hollywood Land at Disney California Adventure

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