A Sleeping Beauty Bunny at Sunset

I continually find myself drawn to this Sleeping Beauty bunny. I enjoy all of the critters that make their stony perch in front of the castle for being adorable but this bunny, in particular, is my favorite.

Wonder. Humility. Gratitude.

His expression and body language convey them all without hesitation or the need for further explanation. From a photography standpoint, whatever you frame in the background will clearly be seen as appreciated, making for a great storytelling image.

It’s a welcome reminder to live in the moment and find contentment right where you are. There’s always something to wonder at.

A bunny statue at sunset in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland

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Michaela is an artist and photographer living in San Diego. She prefers yoga to running, hiking to shopping, and dark chocolate to just about anything else.
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