Adventures on the River

Surprise! Sort of.

It’s been a while—too long a while. Life knocked us down more than a few times last year, but we’re making our way out of the twilight we’ve been living in. I want to thank everyone who reached out to check on us. It means a lot.

In the coming days and weeks we’ll be back to posting regularly. It feels a lot like we’re starting over, so I hope you’ll bear with us as we try to find our groove again.

squeaky, uh, squeak, squeaker, squeakin'.

Or maybe a new groove altogether…

If you haven’t already noticed, I’d like to draw your attention to the site’s new aesthetic. I think it’s a million times cleaner and easier to use but you should really be the judge of that, so please explore and poke around a little. The homepage is now an infinite scroll—for as close as 1200+ posts will get you to infinity (which, I think, is actually pretty close). For more information about the design, check out the colophon at the bottom of our About page.

We’ve also been working on a new website. It will be home to our national parks adventures and some of the design work I’ve been doing. We’ve been making trips to places like Yosemite and the Grand Canyon as much as we can and those trips have really saved us. More on that soon, but first, how about a new photo?

Have you seen the concept art Disney released for the rerouted Rivers of America? I’m sure you probably have. I think it’s amazing. I can’t wait for our next adventure aboard the Mark Twain or the canoes!

Adventures on the River

About Matt Hansen

Matt is a photographer and designer based in San Diego. When he’s not working, he's charting his next adventure over coffee or craft beer.
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  1. So what happened to Kevin? Is he alright?


    1. @disqus_1kJYELfJq9:disqus, Kevin is doing great. He moved on to focus his efforts on his aspirations of becoming a filmmaker. He’s studying in the graduate film program at USC and we’re very proud of him.


  2. You guys have been missed! Life takes us on pathways and adventures that challenge us outside our comfort zones but we come out the other side wiser, stronger, and more compassionate! Prolonged dark seasons can wear you down but when the you see the light on the horizon of a new day it brings with it a sense of relief and the hope that you are going to make it!

    You both are very talented in your giftings and as the saying goes “Your gift will always make room for you.” These difficult seasons built our character as the foundations on which our giftings can thrive. Without a properly laid foundation giftings will crush a person.

    I believe you will see the fruition of your dreams and desires! Waiting is hard but with patience and attitude of flexibility, eventually you will see it come together! And what a beautiful thing it will be!

    Blessings on you and Michaela in this next season! I know you are going to thrive in whatever you put your hand to do!


    1. I wish we would’t lose sight of these truths in the midst of the dark seasons but I suppose it’s all one can do to hold on at times. I can’t thank you enough for your encouragement and support, @angelandrew:disqus. Your kindness is most welcome!


  3. Heart you two (of course you already know that)…glad to see you back my friends.


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