An Air of Uncertainty

I find it interesting to see how things grow and change at Disneyland. Perhaps the most overlooked change is the foliage. It’s not the first thing you think of or notice over the course of a few months until one day you realize the view you once enjoyed is no longer visible. Often times it can be a disappointment, but in this particular case I think it served the Haunted Mansion quite well. It feels a bit overgrown with the pristine mansion looming in the background. An otherwise welcoming estate fills you with uncertainty as your eyes make their way through the tangled branches trying to make sense of what really lies ahead.

An Air of Uncertainty

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Michaela is an artist and photographer living in San Diego. She prefers yoga to running, hiking to shopping, and dark chocolate to just about anything else.

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  1. There are so many aspects of Disneyland’s environment that can be singled out and appreciated. Personally, I can look at the lamps and light fixtures all day and never get my fill! Then there’s the handrails that are themed (tied up with leather strapping in Frontier Land, etc.) along with the waste cans, etc.

    The trees and various plants would take several lifetimes to fully absorb and appreciate! There is a bougainvillea vine that drapes over a plaster wall in Adventure Land that always intrigues me. I even wrote to Disney with a picture of it, and told them to please compliment the person(s) responsible, because guests like me actually DO NOTICE the details!

    Nice post, Michaela. I am with you 100%!


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