The Boy at the Top of the Stairs

I think what appeals to me most about the heart of New Orleans Square is its ability to transport you to another place while still staying present. Sure, we get the feeling of being transported to another world when we enter the gates to Disneyland, but it’s different. Main Street takes you to another time, along with Frontierland and Tomorrowland. Fantasyland takes you through your childhood dreams and although New Orleans Square has a touch of both, the center of New Orleans Square makes me feel as if I was in present day New Orleans. The Court of Angels, where this boy statue resides, used to be a respite for us. Even on the busiest of days, it had the ability to make us feel at ease and forget any regret we had for coming on such a day. I have yet to find a substitution for this gem, but for now, these photos remind me of that feeling.

The Boy statue at the Top of the Stairs of the Court of Angels in New Orleans Square

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