California Screamin’ Sunset

Internet Fail

Sorry to not post the past couple of days. We were without internet. Can you imagine such a primitive thing?? I actually had this picture done Sunday morning and just didn’t have a way to transfer its bits and bytes into the wide web of the world. It was crazy how many times I found myself going for the computer only to realize it was pointless.

California Screamin’ Sunset

One of my favorite sunsets is a California Screamin’ sunset. Its placement in Disney California Adventure was really well thought out to have the Western horizon as its backdrop. There’s just something so California about looking into the array of colors above Paradise Pier to see the silhouette of arms lifted high from a roller coaster train. A second-hand thrill is not a bad alternative, especially if you’re too busy taking pictures to actually ride anything.

Paradise indeed.

California Screamin' roller coaster car against the sunset in Paradise Pier at Disney California Adventure

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