Carthay Circle Restaurant Night

The view of Carthay Circle Restaurant from Hollywood Land is unexpected and unique. The way the tower lines up and peeks over the balcony is seamless. The tiled walkway glistens from the delicate glow of the light fixtures hanging above. The reddish hue almost seems to convey a red carpet premiere as it guides you to the entrance. I frequently find myself pausing here to take in the rich and often peaceful atmosphere. It’s no surprise that Buena Vista Street continues to maintain its charm.

The last time Michaela and I paid a visit to Carthay, we hunkered down in the lounge shortly before park closing. It was a cool evening, so we shared one of their coffee drinks which came with a rather fragrant cinnamon stick. It was a great way to conclude a trip to Disney California Adventure, especially since we didn’t make it to the restaurant for a meal. I even snuck in a ride on the elevator just because.

Carthay Circle Restaurant at night from Hollywood Land at Disney California Adventure

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  1. “Snuck a ride on the elevator just because…” So naughty!!! Haha!


    1. That’s just how I roll, @joedmarsh:disqus. Don’t be jelly!


      1. If I’m jelly of anything Mr. Hansen it is of your suave manner and dashing good looks. And perhaps that wonderful wife of yours 😉


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