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You must be wondering where the heck we’ve been over the past few weeks. This is the longest lapse in posting we’ve had since starting the blog in 2010.

To be honest the time has simply flown by. We were busy preparing for the DisneyanaMania Convention and Expo that…

You must be wondering where the heck we’ve been over the past few weeks. This is the longest lapse in posting we’ve had since starting the blog in 2010.

To be honest, the time has simply flown by. We were busy preparing for the Disneyana Mania Convention and Expo that took place this past weekend, where we were guest speakers and had a booth exhibiting our work. It was our first time really doing either, so we wanted to make sure it was awesome!

First, we did a ton of research on how artists typically display their work at shows. We didn’t feel like most of what we found conveyed who we are, so we drafted a crude mock up of our own version, made from wood, rope and iron pipe…

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Then, we proceeded to build it in the most fashionable attire one can muster when it’s 106 degrees outside…

Over the course of two weeks, I did most of the measuring, cutting, sanding and nailing while Michaela masterfully stained and sealed nearly 100 sq feet of lumber and spray painted the hardware for 3 display panels for framed pieces, 2 crates for prints, a tray for postcards and one sweet hinged iPad stand.

Before we were even finished, we were invited to come down to the Disneyana Convention early for the Ryman Arts charity dinner benefiting Ryman Arts. We had donated a 12 x 18 print of Michaela’s Court des Anges picture to do our part in helping. Master framer, Peter Junowich donated his skills in framing the piece.

It ended up fetching an incredible $525 at auction and went to a very good home.

Somehow, we managed to sneak our way onto the “celebrity” guest list for the dinner. We got to join Garner Holt, Robbie Sherman, Bob Elias, Alex Maher, Tony Baxter, Jeffrey Epstein, Tony Anselmo, Terri Hardin, Joseph Yakovetic and Margaret “Tinker Bell” Kerry for a photo. No big deal…

Photo by Sandi Ando Lessert

After going home and coming down off of that high, we were in a frenzy to finish work on our booth and our presentation.

The talk went really well on Saturday afternoon. We hope to share a snippet of it in the future. We tried to head over to Disneyland for a bit on Saturday evening but it was too crowded to do much. Instead, we made our way to the Carthay Lounge for some drinks before snoozing it up back at the hotel.

When the alarm clocks went off Sunday morning—much too early, mind you—there was no time to let the exhaustion settle in. The excitement kicked us into overdrive as we neared the completion of setting up our booth for the Disneyana Expo. It turned out even better than we imagined…

We were fortunate to be located between the booth for MiceChat, promoting the Walt Disney Birthplace Restoration, and Disney artist, Joseph Yakovetic (who even gave me a quick drawing lesson)…

We sold a lot of prints, gave away a ton of postcards and, most importantly, met a lot of really awesome people. It was a pleasure and a joy to make so many new friends and share stories and laughter. I can’t remember the last time Michaela and I had such a good time. A very big thank you to the folks of the Disneyana Fan Club for having us!

It took a few days to recover but we’ll be back to posting every day soon!

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