Early Morning Fun

It’s not often that I find myself in Paradise Pier for an early morning at Mickey’s Fun Wheel. If Disney California Adventure wins the coin toss for first park of the day, I usually elect to hang around Buena Vista Street for a while or, maybe, make my way back to Cars Land to catch a ride on Radiator Springs Racers before the line reaches an hour.

The morning I took this picture, we were poised to make the stroll down Radiator Springs. It was the glow of morning light emanating from Mickey’s face that swayed the decision to venture into Paradise Pier. Everything was so fresh and full of promise. There’s something really great about seeing Mickey smiling down at you in the early morning, almost like a personal guarantee that whatever course you choose, it’s going to be fun.

Early Morning at Mickey's Fun Wheel at Disney California Adventure

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Michaela is an artist and photographer living in San Diego. She prefers yoga to running, hiking to shopping, and dark chocolate to just about anything else.
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  1. “It was the glow of morning light,” she says and therein I believe we hear the secret to Michaela’s approach and her personal photographic magic. The aspect of light draws her eye, whether a small lamp on the Tiki Room porch, the sequence of colorful tea lights above the whirling tea cups, or the glow of fading sun upon the airplane between Condor Flats and Grizzly Peak there is always that aspect emanation in her work.

    The off center vision of Mickey’s Funwheel allows for new visual exploration of a sight we have often seen. Again, we are gifted with a glimpse at the magic beneath the mechanism.

    It is almost like Mickey spotted the photographer about to take his picture and choose to smile specifically for her. And not just for her, but directly to her and thus to her audience.

    Many thanks for all the light moments you share with us Michaela. I hear you and Matthew are soon off to new adventures in a new place. Not so far, but surely you will be less frequent visitors to the parks and so we will see less of your marvelous art. Yet…San Diego also has much that is filled with light…so perhaps we see more…please?


    1. Thank you, Jeff, for the kind words. We’ll be moving in a matter of weeks now, but our drive time will be about the same as it has been these last four years so our Disneyland photos won’t be going anywhere. Can’t wait to start sharing photos of San Diego as well!


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