Fall on the Frontier

Summer heat is still holding on but the arrival of autumn is imminent. The light is changing. Leaves are beginning to fall. It always seems to be a time of transition that extends beyond the weather. I welcome it with open arms.

Fall on the frontier is such a charming setting at Disneyland. It harkens to harvests and simpler times. As I moseyed around the Frontierland shops last fall, I found myself enamored with these fallen leaves. Their color. Their arrangement. Everything about them.

Naturally, I had a heyday taking photos of them. Standing wouldn’t do. It wasn’t the right perspective so I experimented with squatting and kneeling until finally I found myself nearly prostrate. A couple on a nearby bench seemed to find it quite entertaining and I didn’t mind. I rather enjoy making people smile. As I was on the ground, passersby would make their way around without disturbing the leaves. It was a very light crowd day, so there weren’t many to begin with. That is, until a small group of people came trampling through like wildebeests on a stampede mere inches in front of me.

I was in frustrated disbelief.

It was only a moment before I burst into laughter, joined by the couple on the bench. What else can you do in that situation? The leaves were broken and rearranged into a sloppy mess. The lesson for today — Don’t be a stampeding wildebeest. Take your time and enjoy the little things. Like autumn leaves and photographers doing all manner of strange things to capture them.

Fall leaves on the ground in Frontierland at Disneyland

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