Halloween Time Begins at Disneyland

I love when Halloween Time begins at Disneyland. Pumpkins line Main Street window displays and rooftops. Artists create pumpkin masterpieces at Big Thunder Ranch. Haunted Mansion Holiday and Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy return. The vibrant yellows and oranges found in the flora and decor help Disneyland take on a different atmosphere that is cozy and inviting. Halloween Time at Disneyland also signifies that Christmas is right around the corner and that may just be my favorite time of year at Disneyland.

What do you think? What’s your favorite time of year at Disneyland?

Halloween Time begins at Disneyland on Main Street USA

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  1. Not sure whether autumn is my favorite season at Disneyland, but it’s definitely in the top four. Love all your photos, and this is yet another great one.


    1. Thank you, @disqus_McQ3sZoRwK:disqus. I’m glad autumn made your top four, haha!


  2. Halloween time at Disneyland is always so much fun. Every possible nook and cranny shouts out Happy Halloween! I’ve been fortunate to have attended 2 Not So Scary Halloween parties. It’s amazing to see some of the wonderful costumes people wear and all the work that goes into them. I’ll be at Disneyland in the middle of November, so I’ll probably miss all the great Halloween decorations. As far as my favorite time at Disneyland, it’s whenever I can be there.


    1. I completely agree, Carol. Halloween is fun but really any time at Disneyland is a great time. I’ve attended one of the Not So Scary Halloween parties. I really enjoyed it—especially the costumes—but I don’t think I would pay to do it again until Michaela and I have kiddos to bring along.

      If you’re coming in the middle of November, you’ll probably enjoy the beginning of the Christmas decorations. I think I read that the holiday season starts November 13th.


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