The Haunted Mansion Pet Cemetery

The Haunted Mansion pet cemetery at Disneyland is another one of those rich areas that you know has more to it than meets the eye. One of my favorite resources to consult on such matters is the Long-Forgotten blog, which is full of Haunted Mansion history, conspiracy, theory and everything in between. The pet cemeteries article over there has some interesting thoughts on the influence behind some of these tombstones. Like one of the commenters there, I view this area as a sort of transition from the romantic charm of New Orleans Square to the more sinister storyline that awaits inside the Mansion.

I took this picture on the same evening I took yesterday’s picture. Disneyland’s normal operating hours were ending and the gates to The Haunted Mansion were closed. Thanks to the graciousness of a couple cast members, we had this area to ourselves for a few minutes. That’s always when the atmosphere becomes the creepiest.

The Haunted Mansion pet cemetery at Disneyland

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