Haunted Mansion Sconce

Lighting is the key to atmosphere. This Haunted Mansion sconce addresses that not only with its light but with the vessel it delivers that light from. What better way to light a crypt than with a torch held by a dark skeletal arm? It reminds me of the scene in the graveyard that has an arm bricking itself in its crypt. It’s a morbid thought but I have always appreciated the balanced tone that the Haunted Mansion strikes.

I was very fortunate to have the help of a cast member to capture this sconce. I’m not sure I would have been able to get it otherwise. The Haunted Mansion exit is always a tricky area—so much to see, so many people behind you. She allowed us to hang out to the side of exit ramp so that we would be out of the way to take a few pictures. It was amazing to have the time to really look at all the details packed into this space. Big thanks to her for being so awesome!

I mentioned in last night’s post that we would have Haunted Mansion pictures in our shop starting today. Unfortunately, we had a few things come up that prevented us from setting that up, so they will be available starting tomorrow.

Haunted Mansion Sconce in the exit at Disneyland

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  1. Details really do make a difference even though many of them go unnoticed because of how much there is to take in! Sometimes I like to stop and rest in little “out of the way” places just to look around and soak it all in! One time my boys and I were by the docks, a spot near Haunted Mansion just before Critter Country I believe what is now the Harbor Gallery (it’s been a long time since we’ve been there) watching the ducklings swim around. It was relatively quiet and rather peaceful! Although ducklings are not hand-crafted by amazing artists, it was still a memorable detail!


    1. Out of the way places are the best, @angelandrew:disqus. That’s when the atmosphere truly becomes immersive, not having to compete with crowds and all that comes along with them for attention. I really enjoy observing the flora and fauna in those settings. As for ducklings, they are a different sort of “creation” and every bit as amazing and entertaining. 🙂


  2. Great picture! Being in a dark place like that is I was wondering if you could share how you get so much light in your photos? ISO, F stop things like that would help me with my photos. Thanks for all the great pictures! Eric


    1. Thanks, Eric. The key to shooting in a dimly lit setting is having a tripod or some other stable surface for your camera. That way you can have a longer exposure and let more light in—more than you can even see in person. As you probably are aware, we bracket our photos, taking three different exposures for each shot. The longest and brightest exposure in the set for this image was shot at 8 seconds, ISO 800 and f/4. Hope that helps!


  3. Just fantastic – I’ll be on the lookout for this detail on our next visit!


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