Last Scare on Main Street

Much to my surprise, I discovered the word “boo” as I was adjusting my angle for a picture of the Mickey pumpkin. It was the last scare on Main Street while closing down Disneyland one night. With my love for all things cheese—perhaps the mouse has rubbed off on me—I couldn’t resist taking a picture to share here in hopes of giving someone a chuckle or two.

I would say photography is the practice of noticing new things or, perhaps more often, old things in new ways.

It’s easy to walk by the same thing and not put forth the effort necessary to see it in a way you hadn’t before. It strikes me that the same is true of people. When was the last time you looked at your spouse, your child, your parent, your friend with fresh eyes? Are they the person today that you’ve established them to be in your mind? Maybe it’s time to forget what we thought we knew and get to know those closest to us again. Maybe it’s time to abandon putting strangers in some sort of box and avoid making judgment calls and to truly take note of who they are and what makes them tick.

It’s a little scary, what random words on Main Street will make you think of…

Last Scare on Main Street with the Mickey Mouse pumpkin at Halloween Time

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