Luggage for Exotic Travels

With a name like “Tours Departing Daily” we sometimes get questions about what exactly it is that we do. What is our website? Do we offer tours? Travel arrangements?

Not exactly…

When we got started and came up with a name, it didn’t really occur to us how that name might be (understandably) misinterpreted. The viewership was small and dedicated. Most of them got the Jungle Cruise reference and even thought it was clever.

Then the audience started to grow. What we once deemed clever, we began to identify as confusing. More clearly labeled websites like Disney Photography Blog and Disney Tourist Blog came around (awesome sites and photos, if you haven’t already bookmarked them). Then dozens of tour agencies from South Africa to Uzbekistan added us to their circles on Google+ and it became painfully obvious. Which is why we have decided to change our name. From this day forth, in order to put an end to any and all confusion, we shall be known as “Disneyland photos for people who like crayons”.

I kid.

I joked with our friend, Ryan, the other day that if it weren’t for Photoshop, it would take a bank-breaking amount of crayons to replicate our photos. He laughed. A little too hard…

Michaela and I have considered starting from scratch but Tours Departing Daily has been the name of our website for nearly 5 years and it’s here to stay. I’ll just keep on explaining to people the concept of our blog — we take people on daily-ish (I know, it’s a loose “-ish”) tours through our photos — and watch them nod as a courtesy as if they understood.

It might be a little corny but I think it’s pretty cool. I like corny. I’m looking for corny in my life. (Did anyone get that movie reference?)

Ultimately, our hope is to travel heavily and share the adventures here. Maybe get some gigs along the way. Being in San Diego the past few months has reminded us how much beauty there is in the world, waiting to be discovered and shared.

We’re definitely going to need some sweet luggage like this for such exotic travels.

Luggage for exotic travels in line for the Jungle cruise at Disneyland

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  1. You scared me for a minute. I thought you were going to change your name!


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