Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Debuts

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit made his meet and greet debut at Disney California Adventure on Sunday. I wish I could say that I’d planned it that way because I’m just that good but the timing was really a happy accident. We were there primarily to celebrate my dad’s birthday. My dad is a big kid at heart who happens to be a huge Oswald fan, so he was thrilled to see his favorite lucky rabbit. When he’s excited about something, he’s got the kind of joy that glows. I love that about him.

As for Oswald, his line on Buena Vista Street was steadily filled with guests wearing their Oswald ears and carrying Oswald plush in tow. Naturally, Oswald was mischievous and silly, trying to steal or eat mini-hims. I was really impressed with the Oswald costume itself. It’s extremely velvety, rivaling the plush for touch factor. You know what that is right? That’s the level of appeal something has for you to touch it. Costco is a great place to find high touch factor items. In particular, the blankets. If you like fuzzy things, trust me on this one.

Before this post blasts off on a tangent of no return, I will say that the line for Oswald was very doable. At least in the morning. I don’t know how long the line became later in the day but from what I saw, it was organized and efficient. I guess that means he’s one lucky rabbit.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit makes his meet and greet debut at Disney California Adventure

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  1. I don’t know what mini-hims are, but it looks like Mr. The Lucky Rabbit has had a few go to that waistline haha 🙂


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