Paradise Pier Comes Alive at Night

Paradise Pier is a magical place at night. The sights and sounds mingle in just the right way to provide an authentic beach boardwalk atmosphere. 

Paradise Pier comes alive at night; it’s a magical place. The sights and sounds mingle in just the right way to provide an authentic beach boardwalk atmosphere. The music along the midway, the screams from roller coaster riders, and the roaring sound of the train create a chaotic orchestral ensemble.

Paradise Pier at night at Disney California Adventure

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Kevin is an aspiring filmmaker currently pursuing his M.F.A. in Film and Television Production at USC.
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  1. Quite possibly the finest picture of Paradise Pier I have seen! And I have been a fan of Tours Departing Daily I believe since the inception of the site, so I have seen MANY marvelous pix of this underrated area.

    Here Kevin captures the wonderful construction details and then disguises it all as beautiful lighting. Always with the geometry and shapes is our Mr. Crone! But he also sees clearly the waves of color that permeate this Home of the World of Color.

    How many times have we seen California Screamin’ or Mickey’s Funwheel or even the aforementioned WoC in pictures? They are the easy targets and make for awesome photos. Kevin does not take that path with this entry. Instead of panorama, he packs a dense layering of detail and patterning and seasons it all with ever amazing lights and colors that we may, in our rush to get to those E-ticket attractions, may pass by and never observe or appreciate.

    This photo could have been chaotic, but Kevin is in excellent form as he shapes and crafts the shot. Note the amount of images that are poised at a diagonal through the center (Top left to bottom right) and witness the balance created by the lower left being full and the upper right being empty. The composition puts me in mind of a Katsushika Hokusai painting.

    And that brings up the point, when does a photograph become art? I think we have an answer to that question in this offering from Kevin. Right here!

    You can never have enough art. Or Disney. Or pictures of Disney Parks. So…more please!


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