Pinocchio’s Daring Queue

Pinocchio’s Daring queue might not be as daring as his journey, but it does manage to pack a lot into a small space. And no, I’m not talking about people…

I’m not sure why, but I’ve been sitting on this picture for a while. I was excited about it when I took it. I’ve been excited about it every time I’ve come across it in my photo library. It’s not that important, really. I just question my subconscious reasoning on such decisions.

I like this a lot. I should wait.

Now that has the undertones of brilliance.

I was reading an article on UI (user interface) design recently, and the author suggested that the current trend of making everything as fast as it can be is not the solution to creating the best user experience. Optimization doesn’t only refer to speediness or efficiency. There are experiences that should take time, whether the intention be to build anticipation or simply to enjoy the moment. I found the perspective refreshing.

When I get off of work, I have two primary choices for walking to my car. I can walk down a dirt path framed by eucalyptus trees and aloe blooms or I can walk down a busy street and cut down my time by a minute or two. If my only concern was to get home as fast as I can—which is fairly normal, judging by the way many people drive—I would certainly save myself some time. A minute or two can make a big difference in traffic sometimes!

As excited as I am to get home and see my beautiful wife, how fast I get there is not my only concern. The state in which I arrive there is. That’s why, every day, I choose the dirt path. It’s quiet. The air is sweet and often smells of jasmine. For an introvert like myself, it is a wonderful way to shed the the concerns of the workday. By the time I get to the car, I feel refreshed. I’ve had time to make sense of the day and leave work at work, where it should be.

For me, the slower path is optimized.

It’s about this time in my post where I typically think to myself, “People reading this must wonder what in the world any of this has to do with the picture.” Well, dear reader who might not have been wondering that but probably is now, it’s this: There are stories being told all around Disneyland. If our only concern is how quickly we can get on the rides, we’ll miss some of the best experiences.

Pinocchio's Daring Journey queue at Disneyland

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