Pioneer Mercantile Christmas

It’s raining as I write this. The slider is fogged up so that all I can make out of the outside world are shadows of the things they truly are. Something about the rain always makes me want to crawl up on a couch with Michaela and listen to the sounds of drops pitter and patter.

It’s a cozy feeling.

But that’s not what we’re going to do today. No. Today we are heading back out into the rain to see what other magic we can capture at Disneyland. Taking pictures there in the rain, despite the obvious hardships, is like a drug. For days, we’ll watch to forecast and see the rain shift from one day to another, until with (near) absolute certainty, we can have another soggy adventure.

Frontierland has some of my favorite holiday decor. A Pioneer Mercantile Christmas would be a happy Christmas for me. The ruggedness of the garland somehow makes it inviting and cozy in a rich and satisfying way. This shot proved to be one of the most difficult to shoot on this trip because the direction that the rain was falling was straight into my lens.

I don’t know what we’ll end up photographing at Disneyland today but I know it will be worth it.

Pioneer Mercantile Christmas on a rainy evening at Disneyland

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  1. Good angle. This ones always hard to capture with any decent impact. But the angle, rain and holiday decor really elevates this tricky shot.


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