Reflections of a California Christmas

The Disneyland Resort is absolutely beautiful in the rain and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite times to be there. It seems that the rainy days have been hit and miss the last few years making it difficult for us to get to the park to take photos. Especially when it rained during the week. We lived too far away to make the trip after work. Now, we live only slightly closer so it’s still difficult, but as luck would have it, it rained on an evening we had already planned to be there. I only wish we would’ve had more time to shoot.

This was taken after park closing, or I should say after we got kicked out. Apparently the security guards didn’t see us getting one last shot of the Main Street Train Depot and closed the gates on us. I wondered how long it would take for them to see us there with our tripods set up taking a photo. I didn’t really want to find out and face their wrath so we started to make our way out as most of them pleasantly said their goodbyes. The head honcho was not pleased though, I’ll tell you that much. I always find such frigid responses and behavior really unnecessary. I promise you, we had no intention of a hostile takeover of Disneyland.

After that encounter, we started to make our way to the parking structure when I noticed the entrance to Disney California Adventure. The reflection of the entrance called out to me and I had to stop to get one last shot. We spent another twenty minutes or so getting what we could and then decided to make our way back to the car accompanied by the squishing sound of our rain soaked shoes.

Entrance gates to Disney California Adventure decorated for Christmas

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