Roses in Spring

Spring is here and I have to say that I’m ready for it. The weather has been warming up a little here in San Diego and the fresh air makes me want to get outside every chance I get.

Birds are singing a merry tune each morning. Flowers along the road on the drive to work are blooming in such vibrant colors. It sets a wonderful tone for the day. And then, of course, they’re there to perk you up on the way home again.

The photos below were taken exactly one year ago at Disneyland in New Orleans Square. There’s a planter that runs parallel to Café Orleans and it often has the most beautiful roses. These were some of the best I’ve seen. They were fragrant too! I’m afraid technology hasn’t given us a scratch ‘n sniff screen for me to share that part of the story just yet.

A Rose in Spring
Roses in Spring

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