San Diego City Skyline

You win some. You lose some. Everyone knows it and no one likes it (if they’re being honest, that is).

With the intent of capturing some amazing clouds that had danced across the sky all day, we set out to meet Ryan Pastorino and Tom Bricker to shoot the San Diego skyline from Coronado. Traffic was bumper to bumper through downtown as the clouds began to catch a rich golden hue. By the time Michaela and I had crossed the bridge, parked and found Ryan and Tom, we realized that the clouds were going to be jerks.

That’s right. Jerks.

They had gotten our hopes up for what seemed would be a brilliant sunset but they scattered to the distant horizon, leaving us with a clean slate above the city skyline.

One might chalk that up to a loss but winning and losing is really about perspective most of the time. After yelling some choice words at the water suspended in the west (and by yelling I mean thinking), I dug my heels in and made magic happen (by heels I mean tripod feet and by magic I mean I pushed the button on my camera that makes it go ‘click’).

I’m allowed to embellish. It’s my blog. If you’re looking for cold hard facts without embellishment, you’ll have to watch NBC Nightly News or something…

The clouds may have juked us like Lebron but, honestly, it’s sort of difficult to take a bad picture in San Diego. Waiting for the blue of twilight did the trick because city skylines go with twilight like beards and flannel. They make each other even better. When we were finished, we headed to Old Town for dinner.

Most importantly, we had a great time hanging out with friends and eating. Well… eating. That was most important.

San Diego city skyline from Coronado ferry landing at twilight

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