Sleeping Beauty Castle Sunset

Posted by Matthew Hansen on April 17, 2011 in Disneyland

It’s hard to express how excited we get when we see beautiful clouds anywhere near Sleeping Beauty Castle.  They play so well to the feeling of fantasy and really help you to see things with a different perspective.  When I saw the way the clouds lined up behind the castle, I hurried down Main Street, dodging my way through the crowd.  I made it to Central Plaza and wasn’t finding the shot I wanted.  I wandered a little farther, past the Partners Statue, to where they rope off benches for fireworks and it hit me.  I was in my own world and it seemed as though time did not exist.  It wasn’t until a cast member walked up and joked with me that this shot would cost me $50 that I left my world of fantasy to enter back into reality.  I laughed and told him I would need to write him a check, then made my way back to Michaela and Kevin, contented.

Sleeping Beauty Castle at sunset in Disneyland