The Adventureland Bazaar at Sunset

Your eyes do not deceive you. Back-to-back posts! Could this be the start of a new trend? It smells like momentum…and refried beans. Maybe that’s just the smell of dinner warming on the stove. That makes more sense.

Adventureland doesn’t smell like beans. It smells like adventure, which is code for tiki torches and skewered foods.

For my fellow photo nerds, I used Lightroom’s new HDR merge feature for this one. I enjoyed the process and I’m pleased with the results. Maybe we should do a Photomatix vs. Lightroom for HDR comparison. Does that sound interesting?

It sounds interesting to me…and it smells like beans adventure!

The Adventureland Bazaar at sunset in Disneyland

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Matt is a photographer and designer based in San Diego. When he’s not working, he's charting his next adventure over coffee or craft beer.
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  1. Yes a comparison between the LR and Photomatix versions would be great.


    1. Thanks for your input, @disqus_Pu6UjzHy0N:disqus. We’ll aim to get one done within the next week or so!


  2. I’ve been pleased with LR’s HDR result as well. Very natural looking and lots of range to spare afterwards when using the brush. Option+Shift+H is my new favorite LR shortcut.


    1. I’m with you, @disqus_PEEvNXeGLY:disqus. The range is amazing and anything that helps cut down on passive processing time is a winner in my book. That’s part of why I’m really enjoying LR’s new HDR feature. It feels like a more focused and streamlined process to be able to work in the same program. I don’t see myself ditching Photomatix but it’s nice to have another option.


  3. A side by side comparison sounds made to order.


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