The Flag Over New Orleans

This is one of my favorite views in all of Disneyland. I can’t quite put my finger on a single reason. I think it’s more what the pieces add up to.

The flag stands tall atop this roof and appeals to my patriotism. New Orleans Square is my favorite land in the park—though it was more favorite before the Club 33 renovations—and this building conveys that charm. This building sits atop Pirates of the Caribbean, which was my favorite attraction for many years; I think that changed about the time Jack Sparrow took residence, despite loving his film debut. That staircase used to lead to the Disney Gallery, which while enjoyable to visit in its current location, can’t compete with climbing those stairs and walking through art exhibits in rooms filled with natural light or stepping out on that balcony for the grandest view of the Rivers of America.

Oh, and the gorgeous John Hench Disney Gallery poster that my parents have hanging in their house.

Then there’s the whole it was intended to be Walt’s apartment in the park thing.

I remember a moment, standing in just about this same spot, from a day we spent with the person who would quickly become the first friend we made through this blog. I thought to myself, “This is really awesome, getting to meet cool people by sharing pictures of Disneyland to a blog.”

This view—this one view—is a sensory trigger to all of that for me… and it never occurred to me until sitting down to write this.

Do you have any spots like that?

The Flag Over New Orleans

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