The Hatbox Ghost

If there’s anything constant about life, it’s that it keeps going. Time doesn’t stop if you need a break. It doesn’t even slow down.

Life has brought a lot of changes for us over the past few months. My new job is challenging and wonderful and in the midst of some major transitions. One project we’ve worked on and poured ourselves into for several years has come to a breaking point. The desire to branch out into another project has grown exponentially.

Last weekend we had the privilege of taking part in the Disneyana Show for the second year running. It was just as awesome as the first time. Maybe even more so. We got to see a lot of new faces and some familiar ones.

It’s a wonderful thing to be able to share your work with people and see the impact it can make, face to face. There was a young boy, in particular, who gasped when he walked by our booth, pointing at one of the prints and telling his parents to look.

The wonder of a child is easily the best compliment we could ever hope for.

We brought along hundreds of postcards to give away and ran out within a couple of hours. We also brought a few prints of this photo featuring the Hatbox Ghost. They proved to be quite popular and all sold within a short time.

He’s really an impressive addition/restoration to the Haunted Mansion. It’s always a little concerning, how changes to a classic attraction will affect the experience, but there’s no cause for concern with “Hatty”. The Imagineers did such a beautiful job with him and the headless effects. I was thrilled to come away with this shot after only three tries!

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