The Mill at Grizzly Peak

The process of choosing photos to work on can feel like a tedious task sometimes. I have more sad photos than good ones and I wonder, “what was I thinking?” a fair amount of the time. I imagine I’m not alone in this. It can be difficult sifting through hundreds of your own photos day after day; most of which will never ever see the light of day. To be quite frank, I get tired of looking at them after a while and it can be quite deflating. Not exactly a recipe for success.

This photo of the mill at Grizzly Peak, on the other hand, was a happy find for me. I had forgotten I had taken it and I think that freshness worked in my favor. It triggered an idea right away. To be more specific, it reminded me of some vintage National Parks postcards I’ve come across in the past which sparked the inspiration for my post-processing. It was an impression I had some time ago that served me well here.

The Grizzly River Mill at Grizzly Peak at Disney California Adventure

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