The Unhappy Halloween Tree

This pumpkin in the Halloween Tree ain’t happy. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s because he’s heard the rumblings of what’s to take place in the back of Frontierland.

No more BBQ.

No more Ranch.

A (potentially) smaller River.

Right now this pumpkin is thinking “Oh-My-Gourd! Who’s running this place??? And who the hell is Spiderman??”

I can’t blame him. I grew up loving Star Wars. Spiderman was my favorite superhero. But Disneyland held a special place in my affections.

There are a million arguments to be made on both sides regarding the changes coming to Disneyland. I’ve read a lot of them and see well-made points on both sides. I think what my biggest disappointment is is that I’m starting to recognize Disneyland less and less. My experiences with things like Star Wars and Marvel hold different associations and memories than Disneyland does. The integration of these things now blurs the lines that made Disneyland unique and distinct for me.

I get it. Time passes. Culture changes. I get older and my life experiences cause me to see things differently.

What I don’t get is a company built on imagination and ingenuity obsessing over acquisition and assimilation.

I know I’m in the minority. I know Disney is going to continue making a ton of money with the decisions they’re making. I’m just feeling a lot less welcome in a place that used to feel like home and I’m inclined to agree with this unhappy pumpkin.

An unhappy pumpkin in the Halloween Tree at Disneyland

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