Twilight River Excursions

Now that we’ve had a chance to recover from our Christmas time lapse, it’s time to get back into the swing of things and post some pictures. Matthew and I spent a lot of time the past couple of weeks talking about a vision for this year.

It turns out there’s a lot we want to accomplish.

We already have a couple of time lapses planned. We’re taking a look at the website again. It hasn’t really been what we wanted since our fiasco with Squarespace and transferring to WordPress. We also plan on incorporating a lot more photography of inspiring places beyond Walt’s original Magic Kingdom.

That’s not to say that there won’t be a healthy amount of Disney magic. We’re really looking forward to the 60th anniversary and the festivities that come with it. Our hope is a heavy focus on a modern take on the nostalgic and minimal focus on bedazzling…

Without further ado, the Mark Twain will bring us our first picture of 2015 on a twilight river excursion.

The Mark Twain Riverboat on the Rivers of America at Twilight in Frontierland

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