Wall to Wall Creeps

In The Haunted Mansion, every room has wall to wall creeps. They make appearances in portraits, in wallpaper, in moulding. You never know where you might find a face watching over you as you try to find a way out. These subtle details create an atmosphere that finds even the bravest souls adorning the occasional cadaverous pallor.

The Haunted Mansions’ 45th anniversary may have come and gone with the weekend but that won’t stop us from continuing the celebration. We’ve got posts lined up through the better part of next week and what better time to set a spooky tone than as the Halloween season approaches at Disneyland? Better still is that many of these pictures will be available as very limited edition prints starting tomorrow (Wednesday). We were able to get a shop back up and working today so that’s another small victory on the road to fixing our website. Thanks for your patience through all of this!

Haunted Mansion wall to wall creeps moulding detail at Disneyland

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  1. I can’t even guess how many times I’ve taken the Doom Buggy through the Haunted Mansion over the years. I always try to take in every detail, but this is one (of many I’m sure), that I’ve never noticed. Can’t wait to find it on my next trip through the Mansion. We can always count on you finding and showing us the amazing details that are everywhere in Disneyland if we just slow down and look. Thanks Matthew!


    1. My pleasure, Carol ! That “aha” moment when you make a new discovery is so gratifying.


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