Wishing You a Scary Christmas

It took me a while to warm up to the Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay. It probably has something to do with my lack of enthusiasm for The Nightmare Before Christmas (outside of the incredible film score). Something about kidnapping Sandy Claws and chopping him into bits is a little too macabre for me, I think. In spite of all of this, I now find myself looking forward to this overlay each year. As silly as it sounds, the Haunted Mansion Holiday lighting won me over. The outside candlelight and Christmas lights do a wonderful job of enticing even the most stubborn guest to wander inside. Once you make it to the graveyard, it’s hard not to tap your foot to the jovial sounds of pumpkin busts wishing you a scary Christmas.

Singing pumpkin busts inside The Haunted Mansion Holiday wishing you a scary Christmas

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